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Is mooring included in the rent?

As a rule, mooring services are included in the rent only for the extreme nights of travel, because the entire remaining period of the vessel is moving, and the operation of the pier is not required. Basically, the anchor is lowered in harbors or on the coast, however, if there is a need for mooring during the trip, for this service there is an additional calculation.

What is the maximum distance in miles a vessel can travel during the rental period?

During the lease, the distance allowed depends on the vessel management skill available and the client’s wishes. It should also be borne in mind that the trip should not be too busy and intense, otherwise the team will be very tired. In addition, you need to take into account the weather forecast, because strong winds can interfere with travel.

How is the process of returning the ship?

Upon return the representative of the lessee inspects all the ship: power plant, cabins, bathrooms, kitchen, lounge, water tanks and fuel, etc. As a rule, the bottom of the vessel further examined by a diver, and, in the case of any defects, the Deposit amount at the time held.

Who is obliged to fill the tanks with water and fuel before the trip?

The vessel is provided for use with filled water and fuel tanks (before the trip it is still necessary to monitor it), respectively, and return it with full tanks. Check with the Manager in advance if there is a gas station nearby. If not, you will need to call for this in the neighboring Harbor. Filling the tanks is monitored when returning the vessel in the first place.

What is a Deposit?

A Deposit is a sum of money necessary for compensation of probable losses that may acquire the ship during the trip. You can specify your credit card number when boarding or to pay the required amount in case of cash payment. Deposit amount is determined by the model of the vessel or type of the lessee and mentioned in the application form. If no damage has occurred during the trip, the Deposit is given back in full. Otherwise, this amount remains with the tenant until all losses are calculated. In the case where the amount of losses exceeds the Deposit amount, only the initial Deposit is paid.

Where it is possible to make the necessary purchases before you travel?

Certain rental locations cooperate with retail stores and send them a list of everything you need for the trip, which you have to negotiate with the Manager at least a month before the trip to your landing everything was prepared in the best possible way. The calculation takes place at the point of departure and, as a rule, an extra charge of 2-5% of the total cost. If the list of necessary things for the trip was not compiled, you can make the necessary purchases in the store, cooperating with your tenant. In the case where there is no such store, the tenant allocates the car for a trip to another store and back.

What is the procedure of boarding on the ship?

Your personal Manager is responsible for this process. He is obliged to tell you about the inner workings of the ship, about how to behave, show kitchen utensils. In the case of ordering services skipper these responsibilities fall on his shoulders. During the tour you can ask any questions, such as the location of any technical elements. The skipper must also tell you about the expected weather, to recommend a suitable route.

What is included in the support costs?

Support costs are those that are not part of the mandatory components of rent. Their lists can include: extreme cleaning, outboard motor, skipper, personal hygiene, registration document of the vessel, protective net and so on. Separate types of these expenses become necessary, the rest you get at will. The required costs are included in the General list that your Manager from Hizzzli sent to you. As a rule, the calculation for ancillary services is made before planting in the form of cash, but some tenants are willing to include them in the total cost. This item will be listed on the ship’s order form. If you decide to order ancillary services, please inform your Manager in advance to make them in the total cost estimate.

Is it always necessary captain services?

Captain services will be useful when you do not have permission for such activities or sufficient skills, or when there is permission, but the surrounding area is not familiar to you or you want to exclusively have fun without being distracted by the driving of the ship. As a rule, the captain is settled in a certain cabin. Many models of catamarans and sailing vessels are equipped with a special captain’s cabin. In the case where such a cabin is not available, for these purposes will suit the salon, but it is better if the captain’s cabin is equipped. The main purpose of the captain-to provide you with a pleasant pastime during the rest without unnecessary hassle. The captain must ensure the safe conditions of travel, therefore he is right to insist on changing the route in case of bad weather. In addition, the captain knows the surrounding area and will give you a tour of the main attractions and the best harbors and beaches. Remember that the goal of a captain is to ship, the duties of the cook and the cleaner is not in his jurisdiction!

What is the lowest rental duration?

Minimum period to rent a yacht is 1 day. Read more about the rates and terms of rent check with our managers.

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