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Fedorov Stepan

Наименование бронируемой яхты


In the summer of 2017, the family rested in Antalya and decided to rent a boat for a day “Princess 52”. Sensitive employees of Hizzzli Rent helped us to choose a model. What to say? Good emotions! Professionalism of crew, furnishing of cabins, menu, level of comfort-all at the highest level! English style and quality are felt. All subsequent holidays will be spent exclusively on this yacht, but already rent it for a longer period to fully enjoy a luxurious holiday.

Zahirov Rustem



My girlfriend and I were having an anniversary, and I decided to give her a romantic gift. Friends advised to contact the company Hizzzli that provides boat rentals. Polite employee helped to pick up the model of the yacht (decided on “VIRTESS 420 FLY”) and told all the details. On the chosen day we were sailing on a first-class ship and enjoyed a romantic trip. Nothing to complain about – everything from the decor of the cabins, furnishing and superb menu was great.

Inna Gabzoeva

(RU) Princess 52


Last year my family and I had a rest with relatives in Turkey. Tried, probably, all kinds of entertainments and began to look for new ones on the Internet. Fortunately, we came across the site of the company Hizzzli, studied it and wanted to ride on one of the beauties-yachts provided for rent. We stopped at the model “Princess 52” and ordered a three-hour cruise, which became a crown and a worthy decoration of our holidays. I liked everything: the crew, the luxury of the ship, food, scenic views. Especially impressed by the trip for children. I would also like to mention a pleasant surprise – the price of this pleasure. Honor and praise to the hizzzli Rent team.

Svetlov Anton

(RU) Princess 52


I want to Express my gratitude to the manufacturers of a line of yachts “Princess 52” and the Agency Hizzzli Rent for the quality of the ship and memorable holiday. We had a holiday in Antalya, when the idea came to us to make a small sea trip. On the website of the Company hizzzli Rent choosed a yacht and the next morning went on a trip. We were pleasantly surprised by the competence and speed of the company’s employees. We fully enjoyed the rest on a beautiful yacht, and were even lucky to swim next to dolphins. Only best recommendations!

Astakhova Polina

(RU) Princess 52


I would like to leave a review about vacation on a motor vessel “Princess 52”. Rented it last year through the Agency Hizzzli Rent for family holidays in Kemer. We spent an unforgettable week in an exciting journey of love with not only my wife, but our children: the yacht is organized for a comfortable environment for people of any age. The helpful team fulfilled all our wishes and we could completely give ourselves to rest without being distracted by everyday issues. Every detail on the ship is thought out to the last detail, which is quite in the spirit of the English manufacturer. We Express our gratitude to the organizers, we will certainly turn to you again!

(RU) Мишаков Артем



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(RU) Лаврентьева Ольга



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