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Cookies policy

Cookies policy.

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Tel.: 05366445699
E-Mail: rent@hizzzli.ru

Anonymous browsing the web sites of the company «HIZZLI ARI»

The company «HIZZLI ARI» does not collect by using cookies no personal data or information against persons. Data is collected using the cookie ID (numbers made up of about 20 characters) and the ID of the country. This means that «HIZZLI ARI» will only be able to use statistics related to groups of individuals, but in no way will it be able to identify any individual or any information or actions on the website related to any individual.

Personal data is collected only through the completion of forms on the website, in which the user enters information and sends them to the company «HIZZLI ARI». In this case, «HIZZLI ARI» respects and complies with the laws and regulations concerning the collection and storage of personal data.

You may not grant permission to use cookies (see «how to block cookies and prevent their installation» for more information). In this way, you will retain your complete anonymity for «HIZZLI ARI» and the Google Analytics service we use.

Cookies-General definition

Cookies, also known as « HTTP cookies»,« web cookies», or « browser cookies», are used by the original website to send information to the user’s browser, and by the browser to return information to the original website. This information can be used to authenticate, identify the user session, user preferences, shopping cart contents, or other actions that can be performed by storing text data on the user’s computer.

What is the information collected used for?

The information collected by cookies is used to help the company «Hızzzlı arı» getting to know the other visitors to the web site and how they interact with him. All information is anonymous, but it helps to keep track of trends, such as site traffic.

The information provided by the user in connection with his / her registration on the site is used to send the requested information, for example, product information, financial information, vacancy data.

Advertising or targeting cookies

These cookies are used to deliver advertisements and e-mails that are relevant to you and are more in line with your interests. They are also used to limit the number of ad impressions and/or receiving e-mails from «Hızzzlı arı», as well as to help evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. As a rule, they are placed by advertising networks with the permission of the website operator or using their own platforms for Internet mailings. They remember that you have visited the website, and this information, which is not personal, is transferred to other organizations, such as advertising agencies engaged in electronic mailings. Quite often, targeting or advertising cookies are associated with some feature of the website provided by another organization or Agency.

What information is to be collected?

The firm «Hızzzlı arı» collects two types of data from its web pages. This information is collected by cookies and information provided by users when completing various forms for more information, ordering samples, etc.

Google Analytics determines which information cookies collect; it includes:

  • Time of current visit to the website.
  • Whether or not the user has visited this site before and when he or she last visited it.
  • What site the user came to the web site of company «Hizzzli ari» (note that basic cookies do not share information with other sites).
  • The IP address used to retrieve information such as country, state, city (known as IP geolocation). Cookies do not collect information such as your first and last name, email address, or other address or payment details.
  • In addition, the « Google Analytics Terms of service » expressly prohibit any users of this service from collecting information relating personal data to Google Analytics data.

The information provided by users varies from one form to another depending on its purpose. Please note that these forms are created in accordance with international and local laws and regulations.

Personal data protection

«Hızzzlı arı» company guarantees that all user information is stored in accordance with local and international laws and regulations.

The information collected by the cookies is stored by Google. Learn more about Google’s privacy policy.

How to block cookies and prevent their installation

for Internet Explorer:

  • Go to the Tools menu of your browser and choose Properties > Privacy > Advanced.
  • Select « Disable automatic cookie handling ».
  • Specify how Internet Explorer handles cookies from the site you are viewing and from third-party websites (any websites other than the one you are currently viewing).
  • Select Accept to allow cookies to be stored on your computer.
  • Select Block to prevent cookies from being stored on your computer.
  • Select Prompt to always be prompted whether you want to allow cookies to be stored on your computer or not.
  • Select Always allow session cookies (cookies that will be deleted when you close your browser) to always allow session cookies to be stored on your computer.

for Google chrome:

  • Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar.
  • Select «settings».
  • Go to the «Show advanced settings» tab.
  • Click the «content Settings» button under «Personal data».
  • Click the «cookies tab in the content «Settings dialog that appears».

Deleting cookies

  • Click the All cookies and site data button to open the cookies and site data dialog box.
  • To delete all cookies, click the Delete all button at the bottom of the dialog box. To delete a specific cookie, select the website from which it was received, then select the cookie and click Delete.

Block cookies by default

  • Block all cookies: Select « Do not allow websites to store data ». Keep in mind that selecting this setting will prevent most websites that require authentication from working. You will see the corresponding icon in the address bar when the cookie is blocked.
  • Block third-party cookies: select the Ignore exceptions and block third-party cookies check box. Even if you add a specific website to the Exclusion list and allow cookies to be set by that site, third-party cookies from that site will not be accepted when this check box is selected.

Allow cookies by default

  • To allow both basic and third-party cookies, select Allow local data to be stored. If you only want to accept basic cookies, select the « Block cookies from third-party sites without exception » checkbox.

Exceptions for cookies from specific websites or domains

  • To set the rules for cookie handling for specific web sites or domains, click the « manage exceptions ». To add a rule in the cookie and site data Exceptions dialog box that opens, follow these steps:
  • Click the Add new template field and enter the name of the domain for which you want to create an exception.
  • To create exceptions for an entire domain, insert [*.] before its name (e.g. [*.]google.com).
  • You can also specify an IP address, an IPv6 address, or a URL that is not related to http.
  • Use the menu to specify whether the site can set cookies. If you select session cookies only, the cookies on this website will be deleted each time you close your browser.
  • In this dialog you can also edit or delete exceptions.

for safari

  • Select Safari – > Preferences.
  • Click the Security button on the toolbar.
  • Safari will show you the settings.
  • In The « accept cookies » button group, set the rules for accepting cookies using the following options:

– Never: completely block cookies

– Always: select to accept all cookies

– From visited sites only: the default setting that allows websites to function properly, preventing the installation of forbidden cookies

  • To view the cookies installed on your device, click The « show Cookies » button.
  • The website that has set the appropriate cookie will « forget » any information stored in the cookie; this means that you may have to manually perform certain actions, such as entering a password on the website that was previously automatically read from the cookie.
  • Click « Close » to save your changes.

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